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Designer. Photographer. Creator.

I'm an experienced, design-driven marketing professional. As a communications manager at Vision Advertising, I help clients achieve success via social marketing strategy, design, and public relations.

With a degree in graphic design & studio art, I have a notable background in print design. My designs have been sold at Homegoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and in small décor shops across the country.




Jamie's Birth Story

Almost 3 weeks ago we welcomed my beautiful baby boy into the world. I find that number so hard to wrap my head around. On one hand, it...

Why I Chose to Host my Blog on Wix

If you've thought about starting a blog, you've probably asked yourself the question, "Where should I put my blog?" I'm sure you've seen...

A Weekend in New York

Earlier this summer, I was trying to figure out fun weekend trips I can do to make the most out of my summer, while not taking too much...

A Cheat Sheet: Visiting Eden Hand Arts

The screwball bracelet is a signature symbol of Cape Cod. There are many reasons for their popularity. I personally love these bracelets...

5 Days On The Big Island

When one of my best friends told me she was engaged, I was over the moon happy for her! I immediately told her, “Wherever you need us, we...

Bancroft Tower | Worcester, MA

A couple weeks ago I discovered a hometown castle through the wonderful world wide web! Ok, it’s not really a castle, but it’s less than...


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