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A Cheat Sheet: Visiting Eden Hand Arts

The screwball bracelet is a signature symbol of Cape Cod. There are many reasons for their popularity. I personally love these bracelets because of the high quality; I can keep it on 24/7 and it’s a low maintenance, attractive piece that I wear even more than my wedding ring! These bracelets are highly popular, and there are a lot of dupes that you can find online or at other stores. I am very fond of the original screwball bracelet, and the history of the store. However, you can’t just wander into Eden Hand Arts (the creator of the bracelet). Due to Eden’s small size, the store has to set a lot of rules for entering, and it can be tricky to navigate if you’re unfamiliar.

If you want a smooth visit to Eden Hand Arts, read on! Here’s everything you need to know about Eden Hand Arts in Cape Cod:

  • Eden is located at 2 Doctor Lords Rd. It is right on the corner of Doctor Lords Rd and Rt 6A

  • You must reserve a ticket before showing up. NEW RULE! Eden, just this year (2018) has updated their ticket policy. You may only reserve a ticket up to two weeks in advanced.

o   Eden is a very small, family owned shop, that can only accommodate 12 shoppers inside the store at a time. For this reason, Eden requires that all victors reserve a ticket before showing up. This will make sure that store will never get too crowded.

o   Even with a ticket, you may have to wait outside for a short period of time.

  • You can skip getting a ticket ONLY IF you know exactly what you want. They have a side door dedicated to customers who do not need to browse. For example, if you know you only want the silver screwball bracelet and have no need to browse the store, you can go to the side door, and they will quickly fit your wrist and ring you up.

  • 1 ticket is good for up to 3 people. If you have 5 people in your party, you will need to get two tickets. If you have 7 people in your party, you will need to get 3 tickets.

  • Eden opens around mid June, and closes at the end of August. They reopen for the Holidays for a couple of weekends in November and December.

  • Eden’s hours are Wed-Sat 10:00am-4:30pm.

  • You cannot take pictures inside the store. The jewelry from Eden is handmade artistry that the owners work very hard on. Out of respect for their hard work, they ask that pictures are not taken inside the store, to prevent copy cats from stealing designs.

  • You can only park in the designated parking spaces. Eden asks that please do not park on the side of the road, at the nearby gas station, or at other houses. Eden is located in a residential, high traffic area. They do not want to disrupt their neighbors, and ask that customers only park in the parking lot. There have been times that I visited that I had to loop around a couple of times for a parking space to open up.

Tiny little store that is Eden Hand Arts. On the left side of the photo under the tent is the “one-sy line”. If you know exactly what you want, you can skip getting a ticket and walk straight over to this side door. 

My sister and I just visited Eden in Dennis, and picked out some new beautiful jewelry to add to our collection. This was my 4th trip to Eden. I have gone twice in the winter and now twice in the summer.

3 pieces of jewelry from Eden

I always enjoy a visit to Eden. I love how small it is, and the entire experience of obtaining one of their unique pieces. I know some people have differing opinions, but I kind of love the exclusivity of a true Eden bracelet. Having the Eden tag or stamp shows that the bracelet was purchased in person, at the cape, and not online. If you live around this area, you will start to notice women who frequent the cape a lot! It’s fun to spot someone with their Cape Cod “stack”. I believe some people fill their stack with other local jewelers as well, but I’m very fond of my Eden arm. If you ever visit the cape, I highly recommend a trip to Eden at least once! The Eden Screwball bracelet is a true Cape Cod souvenir! And Eden is the original, only authentic option.

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